The Moon Is Not Enough

Tsuna Erc
3 min readOct 4, 2022


This is the story of Dejitaru Tsuna. The Moon Dragon who shaped a century


The year is 2122. All Fiat currencies have collapsed. There remains but one means of transactional throughput in the Financial Sector. Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has long since been relegated to the history books after its creation was exposed to be from the secret wings of the governments themselves. Ethereum is the only surviving chain offering a safe haven for people to trade in goods and services


Born 100 years back, on the 3rd of October 2022, The TSUNA token is the most widely exchanged method of payment having stood the test of time across 3 generations. 7 Billion circulating tokens serve the needs of one and all across geographies. The elders tell tales of the legendary dragon Tsuna and how her exploits helped shape the future of monetary transactions


As beautiful in human form as when transforming into the mighty dragon, she left a lasting legacy now cherished by one and all. No one knows where she left or when she will return. Her last message to her loyal followers was, “The Moon is not enough”. A phrase that became a battle cry for future generations.


As time wore on the Tsuna-verse was born. A multi-chain, multi-dimensional space where everything from Blockchains to Marketplaces, Offices to Recreational Centers were spawned. The elders laid the foundation on which the youth of today continue to build and enjoy its many rewards. A decentralized community owned way of life where money is just a means to an end not the end goal. This is the Tsuna way



‍Exceptional performance delivered seamlessly for over a century now, the TSUNACHAIN, built by the community of elders and early adopters, continues to be the breeding ground for new technologies and fresh ideas



‍TSUNAVERSE spreads across any and all networked devices by providing a centralized body of work governed by a decentralized community framework that is ahead of the big data curve creating newer opportunities



‍TSUNARMY reside in state of the art enclaves built by the loyal and loving members of the TSUNA holders community. What started off as barren land is now prime real estate in the heart of the Metaverse